Assistive Communication for Children

Alex V. Speech Pathology specialises in assistive communication for children in Brisbane and Ipswich.

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assistive communication

Our assistive communication program is expertly tailored to meet your child’s needs.

Children who have difficulty in communicating are often times frustrated and experience a high degree of social isolation. Through the use of assistive communication devices, children are finding new and meaningful ways to creatively express themselves. Assistive communication offers different ways of engaging in conversation including the use of symbols, signing or spelling. It can also entail the use of simple picture boards or a range of computer programs which synthesise voice as well.

Through the use of such assistive communication techniques, children are being equipped with the skills they need to participate and gain control of their social lives as they simultaneously engage in richer learning experiences as their language develops.

If you’d like an assessment or would simply like to learn more about our assistive communication, contact Alex V. Speech Pathology for more details.

Brisbane & Ipswich

Speech Pathology Services:

Childhood Apraxia of Speech (CAS)

AVSP uses Dynamic Tactile and Temporal Cueing to treat Childhood Apraxia of Speech, which has seen improvement and success with all our patients.

Alternative & Augmentative Communication

Strategies to encourage children to engage in conversation using symbols, signing and technology to promote richer learning experiences.

Assistive Communication for Children

We use assistive communication devices to help children find new and meaningful ways to creatively express themselves and engage in conversation.

Children with Autism

Constructive therapy for children with Autism to assist with their speech, language, literacy and social skills development.

Language Therapy

Helping children with language delay and disorder with speech and interpretation.

Late Talkers

Assistance for toddlers who are struggling to develop language skills at the expected rate for their age.

Literacy for Children

Helping find the basis of your child’s literacy difficulties to build a strong foundation for developing reading, spelling and writing skills.

Fluency / Stuttering

We use speech restructuring techniques to treat children’s stuttering and the anxiety that comes with dilemma of speak.

Social Skills Therapy

Social Communication programs for children who need assistance with using their language skills in a social setting.